ITALIAN Culture And Comprehension- M1- ‘Mia Zia Flavia’

ITALIAN Culture And Comprehension- M1- ‘Mia Zia Flavia’

ITAL is created by Sergio Carvajal-Leoni & Romina Olson
This is an “open education” video tool, do with it as you please. Make sure to use the CC option for subtitles, and download script at

16 thoughts on “ITALIAN Culture And Comprehension- M1- ‘Mia Zia Flavia’”

  1. Sono d’accordo- bellisimo!
    I definitely got a little bit teary-eyed watching this. It’s beautiful.
    Love this project, love you guys.

  2. I love you Romina e Antonella! E’ anche Eric! Che emozioni vedervi qui! Anche se ci siamo conosciute “al volo” a Matera da Angela e come se ci conoscessimo da una vita. Anch’io – con una mamma italiana e un padre americano..non ho mai smesso di fare avanti e indietro dall’Italia. E poi tutto quel tempo che vi ho seguito su Radio Arlecchino. Vi stimo molto. :-))

  3. THANKS for this podcast. I love it. I have been learning Italian for a few years and am pretty good with reading and speaking but need to work on my listening comprehension, as well as increasing my ability to spontaneously recall from memory while having advanced conversations. I am going to look at all of your videos. Grazie!

  4. Very nice video. She is very right about the difference in culture between Rome, Italy and Austin Texas. I lived in Texas for 20 years, and there is absolutely no Italian culture at all. Unless you want to count chain restaurants such as the “macaroni grill” and other “Sudol

  5. This video is absolutely beautiful!! What a great job you are doing. I have a fairly good grounding in Italian grammar and lived in Italy for a couple of years. But I needed exactly these types of videos to ensure not only that I use and hear being used in real life situations what I already know, but to slowly learn more about the Italian culture and the language of its people. Grazie mille per tuttti per la produzione di queste splendide opere d’arte!!!!!

  6. Amazing video! Just one note: Catholicism is NOT our official religion;
    Italy is a secular state!

  7. Ottimo. Per una volta l’Italia fuori dagli stereotipi pizza-mafia-mandolino. Rino Gaetano in sottofondo dice tutto…

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