Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

Lighter. Faster. Formfitting. Running revolutionized.
This is Nike Flyknit technology.

Now available from Nike’s Innovation Kitchen.

29 thoughts on “Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology”

  1. These shoes give me shin splints. Not recommended for people who put in a lot of miles.

  2. why is this in my recommended now.???i dont want to but some old shit like this.

  3. nike stop making shit stuff just to have a new realse stop putting to many swoosh in ths shoes 1 is enough or two stop overpriced like kyrie start at 130aud now became 180aud wtf that why a lot of people became disappointed

  4. Selling my yeezy collection, because I need the money for college. My twitter is Yeezy_raffles. Dm me for offers. Have almost every size. Selling cheap

  5. Five years ago YouTube… FIVE FUCKING YEARS like… Why is this in my recommendation? At least give me a video of this year!

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