Inovation Drill Technology

Inovation Drill Technology

Inovation drill technology. By Zecha Centerdrill.

23 thoughts on “Inovation Drill Technology”

  1. That is the drill that will take you to the heaven. Don´t beleave in me that believes in you, dont believe in yourself that believes in me, believe in you that believes in yourself…

    Who the fuck do you think i am?!?

  2. At first I was like what, that’s totally dumb then I kept thinking about how you could thread more in your already limited space. I like it.

  3. How does the drill bit survive all that friction heating?
    Does it have a cutting edge, or does it work entirely from friction?
    Being able to add a tapped hole is nifty. What are the applications of this process?

  4. How noisy is this? Is it inexpensive and portable? Will it work on bank vaults? Asking for a friend…

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