How Your Business Can Benefit From Call Tracker Software

Today’s digitally dominated business world revolves around crucial planning, proper implementation, and efficient tracking of digital campaigns for business growth. A good way to track leads (that are generated via campaigns) is through phone calls, and that is when you will need an efficient call tracker software. Software for call tracking makes it convenient for marketers to obtain crucial data through phone conversations with their customers. This, in turn, helps you better understand what tactic or marketing campaign led to the phone conversation and what the outcome was.

How to Call Tracker Software Works

Such software work on a ‘call tracking systems, which primarily records information related to incoming calls on the phone along with a recording of conversations between attendees and callers. The following are a few examples of data and information that are tracked by such software:

Where the call originated from

The number from which the call has been made

Call recording

Landing Page

Marketing medium

The caller’s geographical location

UTM parameters

Device type

You can use all this data to make a comparison of the generated phone traffic by every tracking number, followed by revision and renewal of your marketing strategy accordingly.

Is Call Tracking Necessary for my Business?

You may not be aware but calls are among the most valued conversions for marketers drive. Not tracking phone calls for driving marketers can result in you not getting the whole ROI picture.

Call tracking can effectively help you identify which webpages, digital ads, and keywords can efficiently help drive phone calls towards your company. Again, call tracking can help you segregate the phone calls that can end up being quality leads as well as conversions. This way you get a completed end-to-end campaign attribution, which further assists you with making smarter and more optimized decisions for driving more revenue.

Call Tracker Software Features to Look For:

Here are some features that you must look for when searching for the right call tracking software for your company:

Call recording – This is necessary for ‘call quality’ assurance. Moreover, it helps you to be sure of driving high-quality leads towards your company.

Multi-channel attribution – This will enable you to view every ‘touchpoint’ that eventually led to the phone call. It will give you a better understanding of which marketing campaign drove a potential customer to your website, and which web pages they visited before taking the action of making a phone call.

Call transcription – This feature enables you to eliminate the need for listening to all call records. It will organize the text in such a manner that you can go through it quickly while selecting the ones that need attention.

Integration – Efficient call tracking software can integrate with ‘HubSpot’, ‘Google Ads’, ‘Google Analytics, and other solutions that can help you with better analysis.

Call highlights – This is one feature that works to automatically tag important and common keywords in every call. Analyzing such data can help you optimize the marketing campaigns in a better and more effective way, especially those campaigns that are meant for Google Ads.

Tracking visitors – With this feature, you can flag some of the selected keywords during the phone calls. Doing so will help you optimize the product and content strategy more efficiently.

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