How To Make An Italian Coffee

How To Make An Italian Coffee

Learn how to make an Italian espresso coffee with a Moka pot in 74 seconds. More tips about Italian culture at

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  1. Another important thing is the moka: a shitty moka pot will make a shitty coffee. Anyway: do your coffe as you want: follow your taste, not you tube or other people “how to”s.

  2. Brand is “very” important.
    Is not necessary to buy the most expensive, but some brands are really disgusting.

  3. Thanks for your help? I know how to make greek coffee at home in Greece because I am half greek and half south african.

  4. I suggest my ESL students to watch this video and talk about the steps to make an expresso in classroom. Thanks!

  5. can you please upload a video doing it? I really want to learn the proper way to do it. Thank You.

  6. I agree with Francesco Cinque but if you have the 3 cup version it can cool down too fast leaving water in the bottom part. I just turn the heat to its lowest setting till I see foam coming and then I turn the heat off.

  7. Thanks! Made coffee the usual way an hour ago, in my electric coffee maker, and plugged it in and nothing! No lights! No action! Panic! Until I remembered I had one of these little post tucked away in a closet. You saved the world today for making this video! LOL I wasn’t sure how to use it but… Yum, the coffee is delicious and all is well with the world… again! 😀

  8. Thank you, that was the sort of advice I was looking for! The video doesn’t add anything new to my life… 🙂

  9. That did the trick…we actually made our own video while watching your video.  Will have to post that later.  Cheers from the Unstoppable Family in the Canary Islands….

  10. Really cute!  Thanks for the lesson!  My Moka pot comes on Monday….I’m sooooo excited!  Using the espresso machine is getting tedious!

  11. Y que MOKA MIENTRA MAS VIEJA MEJOR se hase el café, mi Moka Bialetti de todo la vida,mi Bialetti la clasica.
    se lo recomiendo

  12. The step by step instruction was simple and helpful, but that guy’s overacting pantomime was horribly annoying.

  13. you are so not funny. stopped watching because it is realy anoying. why you need infantile humor to make coffee just doenst make sense.

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