How Italians Have Breakfast & Drink Coffee

How Italians Have Breakfast & Drink Coffee

Avoid faux-pas and learn to fit into the Italian culture as a local, not a tourist! This episode covers where, how, and what Italians have for breakfast.. with a few useful words too!

29 thoughts on “How Italians Have Breakfast & Drink Coffee”

  1. that’s not actually true, the whole going to the bar for a quick coffee is true for some of the people who work in big cities.
    most of us have breakfast at home with cookies, coffee or cappuccino or tea

  2. Rudest women I have ever met in my life were in Italy.  The men are okay, though.

  3. E facho! If I sit down and eat breakfast it’s an Italian breakfast. YouTube sucks you people are friggin IDIOTS!

  4. I subscribed to you, since you make a similar kind of video as me. Maybe we have a lot in common.

  5. Don’t they ever have a more substantial breakfast? Eggs? Hot or cold cereal? Fruit? Sausage? Breakfast should be your most important meal, a pastry and coffee won’t get you very far.

  6. You are sweet like sweet morning I would have you for my breakfast instead 🙂

  7. “See what other people are doing.” That’s good advice. Traveling is like going to a Catholic church. It’s best just to find someone who looks like they know what’s going on and then just to copy them. It adds an element of people watching to your trip, too. Stand out of the way, observe the social custom, and then jump in and give it a try.

  8. Do you live in Rome? I’m there right now, with my husband who is working. I would love to have a local to hang out with. I don’t have any clue where to go or how to get there!

  9. ma che cazzo ? Non si inzuppa il cornetto nel capuccino :O , o almeno gli italiani non lo fanno!
    The Italian does not soak the croissant into cappuccino!

  10. Il Cornetto/Brioche non è assolutamente un croissant come quello francese che è molto diverso nell’impasto e nella sfoglia. I croissant francesi sono molto più pesanti e stopposi, ci mettono un quintale di burro, sono due ricette diverse. Il nostro ovviamente è meglio. Italian Cornetto or Brioche is not like the french croissant, it’s a different recipe, they may look similar but are not!

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