(HD) Hidden Ancient Technology – Secret Science Of The Gods And Atlantis – Rediscovered History

(HD) Hidden Ancient Technology – Secret Science Of The Gods And Atlantis – Rediscovered History

A documentary covering the ancint technology of civilizations we may never know. The history of humanity is far older than we know.

13 thoughts on “(HD) Hidden Ancient Technology – Secret Science Of The Gods And Atlantis – Rediscovered History”

  1. no proven information just assumptions assumptions and assumptions the artifacts you are talking about you can find from countless places even I have observed about 100s in my city and what country will have……..

  2. This is the worst documentary I have ever fucking seen, it does not deserve this title at all. This guy is a complete idiot who did this.

  3. I’m not reading you stupid comments you read my stupid comment this narrator sucks.bye

  4. ANTARCTIC=ATRANTICC=ATLANTIS. L=R, C(up)+C(down reverse)=S. The South Pole’s pyramid is Atlantis’s pyramid. UFO is Atlantis’s flying machine. True meaning of logo of international organization(UN, WHO) is ‘Atlantis is dominating the world by laurel wreath’. But in fact Atlas shoulder earth in west corner(now South Pole) by punishment from God.Being the opposite side of the North Star(near heaven) there is no South Pole star. Atlantis is bottomless pit in the sky. Atlantis collapsed because of the movement of earth’s axis. In same mammoth buried alive in ice.

  5. IT is a great leap of faith to say that some things in a holy book are factual to saying the ENTIRE thing is factual.

  6. Great video. I have been wanting more interest on the original Dwarka , for a couple decades now. All the ancient sites around the world fascinate me. What the problem is with ALL these places around the globe is…. Some people presume to know what we can handle “knowing”. Just put the truth out there , most people live in their own little bubbles anyway , but there is a growing hunger out there , with people in general , who want , who FEEL that there is so much more out there. What can possibly be so horrific that we would lose our minds if we found out??? Which God or religion is the right one , if any? Did aliens make us? Is Elvis really alive? WHATEVER it is , people will learn & adjust. We are not complete idiots ( altho , looking at some comments on U-Tube , you might have a case)… But all will be OKAY! Lets get to the bottom of this & other mysteries! Thanks for the video & keep up the good work!

  7. In Quran the Muslim book, the word “day” repeated 365 times, the word Month repeated 12 times, the word Moon repeated 27 time, etc .. is that coincidence ??

  8. It is reasonable to suggest that they may be stories. In the future, if someone were to find a 3000 year old copy of Star Wars, would they assume it was literal?

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