Golfing Castelconturbia Italy

Golfing The Castelconturbia In Italy

If you have never had a chance to visit the Castelconturbia Golf Club in Italy you are missing out BIG TIME! I was fortunate enough to make the trip this past year and played the beautiful course just outside of Milan.


Beautiful Italian hillsides scroll the background for a scenic bliss of Italian outdoor beauty. The greens are well cared for and the course was a pleasure to play.  My biggest gripe would have been that the hazards were not very challenging.

The resort itself was ok, rooms were well kept but felt old and outdated. The food wasn’t what I was expecting for an Italian golf resort, think I may have had better Italian food back in the states.

The Italian women were beautiful, and their golf game was fantastic. They really knew how to putt and closed in on my lead by hole 9. They were all dressed to impress wearing lovely halter tops and women’s golf skirts. Fashion is obviously huge in Italy, as big as Italian food and fine wine.

Castelconturbia italian golf courseAfter 18 holes we were able to drive into town and experience some of the night life that the area offered. I ended up having a shrimp scampi dish that was to die for, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant or I would share a link to them. We ate and drank plenty, surprisingly enough I made it back to the resort in one piece and in bed in time to enjoy some Italian evening television and a night cap.

Overall the experience was a pleasant one, I would return if i ever make it back out to Italy and I would definitely golf the  Castelconturbia again without question. Great course, great scenery, great people, and great drinks. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to spend more time in Milan while I was there.

Oh well, next time!!