Football Helmet Technology Controversy

Football Helmet Technology Controversy

Can new technology really help prevent dangerous concussions? “Nightline” investigates.

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  1. the problem isn’t that the helmet protects against linear hits… its that it causes more linear hits… players think their helmets are 100% protecting them… a false sense of security leading to people using their head as a weapon… soccer players that don’t wear helmets only get concussions when they use their crown on a header which is 1/1000 in hs level and 1/1000000 in pro level, or when they use their head and miss the ball when lined up with another player, because that excess force of the swing with their head has to go somewhere and it often either transforms into kinetic energy back towards their skull or it hits the player in front of them… if you give a guy 7 inches of padding around all of their body except the weakest parts of the body like the knees, ankles, and neck then people will start targeting those areas and causing injuries way more severe than concussions while also using their head to do it giving them a concussion…

  2. The thing that these helmets do is they protect the outside of the head. The thing they don’t protect is the inside. Whenever you get hit the inertia swings your brain back and forth, there’s no way to protect that

  3. 3:53 unequal technologies material should be the outer shell of a football helmet and not an insert. rob vito making money off people’s fears. sad.

  4. Or u could do like rugby and avoid the head when tackling that’s why rugby doesn’t have a cte and concussion problem compared to football

  5. I think they need to get rid of helmets or simply make them smaller and less protective. This will make players more smart about their tackles

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