Everyday Technology You’re Using Wrong

Everyday Technology You’re Using Wrong

These 6 hacks will change your life.

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Car Remote

Cable Coiling


24 thoughts on “Everyday Technology You’re Using Wrong”

  1. “you can only review these tips by number keys.”

    uses mouse.

    10000000000000% SAVEGE

  2. These aren’t the proper ways to use them it’s just different ways to use them there’s no “proper way”

  3. i think that there is no “wrong way to do it” you can do these things as you want

  4. Am I the only one who thought that’s probably not healthy and also most likely causes cancer when they did the antenna thingy…? ???

  5. nah i can’t scrub videos that way coz my phone has no keyboard actually

  6. 1:20 : maybe use the home button ??? That was the time I tried this on my iPhone

  7. dont use the home button really i use a samsung and u cant swipe like that only apple works

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