CONFESSIONS OF AN EXPAT | Italian Uni, Cost Of Living, Culture Shock + More

CONFESSIONS OF AN EXPAT | Italian Uni, Cost Of Living, Culture Shock + More

CONFESSIONS OF AN EXPAT; the things I learned after my first year living abroad. This will be the first in a series of videos where I talk about my life as an American living in Europe. In this video I mostly touch on my transition into the Italian higher education system and basic cultural differences, enjoy 🙂

+ What to know before moving to Italy post

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28 thoughts on “CONFESSIONS OF AN EXPAT | Italian Uni, Cost Of Living, Culture Shock + More”

  1. so if you do research on this uni, why didnt you know that math is more advanced? wouldnt that be like the first thing you do research on going into a different country? just wondering.

  2. Tutte ‘ste lagne e va alla Bocconi. Questa se viene all’Uniba e vede un attimo come funzionano le cose qui da noi a Bari, scappa a game levate urlando “Sono pazzi questi italiani!”.

  3. Hi tia my name is Kelly and I’m a junior in high school my language program at my school isn’t very strong and although I’m in honors 3 Italian my first year of Italian wasn’t really taught to me and it was wasted unfortunately so I started practically at Italian 2 CP I feel as if my skill level is around beginners but like a step above a bit I understand what the giff of when spoken to me but struggling with writing. I am an average grade high school student I’m in CP classes but I do want to go abroad to Italy one day and even study abroad when I go to college is there a possibility me being a college prep student that does gets 90s and up ( school goes off a 7 point scale for grading) that I’ll be able to be like you and go to Italy too? I want to become a plastic surgeon do you think I will have to improve on my grades and knowledge before taking a huge step like you because I don’t want to be like those other students that get there to a college in Italy then drop out due to me not being able to handle it

  4. yes its very diffirent, bec american culture rep of italy in usa even today is italy from 1850.accutaly every couyntry on planet Earth.brainwashing!

  5. I’m about to start my first year in university.
    I will be studying modern letters in Pisa and I’m scared shitless. Seriously, I think I’m about to have a mental breakdown. Everything about this school is an unreal mess and the school’s site is as coherent and useful as an amnesiac baboon could be while you’re looking for directions. I’m trying to calm down, get my shit together and take this step into the unknown while hoping for the best, but everything I read pulls me further down. Some of the comments below this video made it difficult for me to breathe. Is it really as horrible and pointless as everybody thinks? Is private school and “having friends in high places” (Or just a fuckton of money to start with) the only way to finish university to actually find employment that I’m qualified to have? Is public university the sterile, cold, beaurocratic hell where dreams go to die which it seems to be? Am I ever going to be able to get the melody from “needle in the hay” out of my head and concentrate on not feeling like someone about to be run over by a roller-compactor?

    _this ‘n more, in: _*_THE RELATIVELY NEAR FUTURE_*

  6. I’m going to school in Texas (I’m from Texas lol) but college is nothing like high school. I decided to take 2 years of physics, mechanics and electro magnetism in high school instead of AP Calculus. I study Aerospace Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. The learning curve had a very sharp slope for me. You are right, it doesn’t cut it to just study your ass off, you have to be smart about it. I get so stressed during the school year, but I look over what I accomplished over summer vacation and I appreciate all the hard work I was forced to do. I love my school, I’m grateful for being taught a different way to work to be successful, I like the push.

    I mean I was the smart kid in K-12 but now, if I get a ‘B’ or even a ‘C’ I’m damn proud of myself! ?

  7. LOL all this is soooo true. Exactly the same things that annoyed me at first. The coming right at you on the streets is so true. “Move out of the way you idiot” – but it’s because we have a different culture. I started walking as if I was the only man alive on the streets and the problem was solved. I still feel treated like shit in bars and stores many times, but that has a reason. Many of them do not work on commission %, so they don’t give shit anyway. Same with waiters they don’t work for tips. With all that said. I love Italy, I love Italians, I love Italy because all of the good things and also because of the bad. (It wouldn’t be Italy otherwise)

  8. How is it cheaper..? Someone plz explain bc I thought the euro was worth more than the US dollar? So how is she spending so little?

  9. OMG YES! The part where you say Italians are nice in the street but rude in the stores is EXACTLY the same experience I had while living in Spain! Like…I’m giving you my money to further your business, so why the attitude??

  10. why do you call it “expat experience? you only talk about school grades and systems, not expats stuff and life abroad?l

  11. loll it’s so true about the customer service! when i traveled in italy, i noticed some of the wait staff and even the cleaning lady in the public washroom were rude, but i thought it was because we were a large group of tourists and they thought we were annoying. yet, when i’d ask for help from strangers when i was lost, they were nice.

  12. The lack of customer service is so true. haha
    And the walking thing is ridiculous…It is the same in Rome.

  13. how are the police in italy-we all know about the cops in the usa with a john wayne mentality and para military attitude
    so what are they like in italy- they profile you hows driving/ do they bust balls-whats there attitude there?

  14. haha Italy is rude for people who come outside from Eastern Europe. We don’t take anything personal, we literally give no fuck, so we don’t consider it rude.

  15. Wow…..I don’t know where you shop for food or what you eat…I live in Rome, and food is not that cheap, I eat meat, fish, vegetables, etc, and 100 euros a week is more like a normal food budget. You are spot on with the rudeness…esp here in Rome, the general attitude is kind of “poor me, life is so hard, lets get someone else before they get me”.

  16. i want to study abroad in college but im not sure if i want to study in europe either spain or italy but more importantly im not sure if I just want to go there for a semester or a year or maybe all 4 years abroad

  17. boston:
    Train Pass $85
    groceries/wk: $50 (and i’m skinny, all organic +$20-30)
    rent: shitty basement studio, $1400
    tution: $45,000/yr
    phone plan: $50 (not with taxes)
    cable/internet: $80-100

  18. I don’t agree with your comment on Italian universities being hard. If you want ego crushing difficulty, try MIT, or CS @ CMU or Berkeley, these are truly difficult schools.

  19. It was a helpful video, tnx
    I got accepted from 4 different universities(Tor Vergata in Roma, Ca foscari in Venice, Bolognia and Torino), and I have no idea on which to choose, beside the university rank, I also care a lot about the city, tell me what do u think is the best choice(or in order)
    thanks in advence

  20. hello, I have been accepted at La Sapeinza university at Rome, for a master in Architecture Conservation in English… what do you guys think? I already have a master in architecture studies from my country, and I so excited about Italy!!

  21. i have a bachelors in computer science and 2 years of core java development experience. how do i find a job overseas as a developer or IT personnel? wut r the names of the companies/employers? any help?

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