Computer Latest Technology 2015

Computer Latest Technology 2015

computer Latest technology 2015 Which All Based On touch and Pam Computers

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  2. they have floors like this where little kids can play… they can play different games where fish swim away from where they step, or they roll a virtual ball across the floor… has been in the local bowling alley for a few years now at least

  3. This is the original Microsoft Surface thing where someone on the MS board of design went on a coke binge and decided to make a computer table. Later it, after it became a widely mocked gimmick, MS decided to make it into what we know as the Surface tablet line.

  4. “Latest technology 2015?!?” 2015?!?!? This shit is so old and outdated, it isn’t even intriguing.

  5. when are these jackasses going to start showing current products that aren’t found at the mall , or Wal-Mart. I want to know what’s going on today, not 3 years ago.

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