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What does ‘digital’ motor mean? I still don’t know. Judging from the control waveform, Dyson doesn’t either. We’ll look at the Dyson motor from the inside out. We’ll also do some test firing of the control board and motor on the bench and use our trusty Rigol to see what the motor controller is doing.
Dyson disassembly with extreem prejudice:
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38 thoughts on “BOLTR: Dyson V9 Motor. ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIRMED?!”

  1. 100K? I think you underestimate yourself. Looks like you are currently at 1.2 million.
    It would be worthless for me to tear it down. But you breaking it down Barney style, I can actually learn a lot from.

  2. wow, the electronic mastery you wield is disturbing. it makes me want to go all sorgy ripps on my last pair of puller drives. for me the mysteries of electronics have yet to reveal themselves, instead they bask in the unseen glory of the shadier recesses of what may one day become my mind. you sir however are to be commended for your willingness to share your gift rather than keep it tightly pressed to your vest choosing a tuitional franchise as your medium to disperse those things you possess which make you better than me. I suggest a nomination. yes. a Nobel in the field of promoting sarcasm in its basest and dipcablely hilarious form. I see some self improvement in my future resulting from this auspicious meeting. good day, sir.

  3. 4:23 “Sir Dyson’s dick in a vice…”

    So you managed to pull it out of his asshole then.. lol

  4. I bet this guy has never made it to the ADHD convention – always distracted by the squirrels he meets on the way!

  5. I wouldn’t have dropped out of my electronic engineering degree if I had you as a lecturer/ lab lead

  6. 1k watts?! Lotta pixies crammed tight! Love the humor by the way, entertaining. But the language, yikes! German is it?

  7. v2… sorry fascism on the brain lol. this guy is the sole preservation of the native english speaking world. speaking and comprehending at a level unattainable by the armies of envious malevolent developing world exam memorizer brains working 24/7 to emulate the english thinking monkey cultures that created the only places on earth that thrive with modern life. all englishers should learn to speak like this guy to protect their culture from dilution by all the foreign pollution that not long ago expelled it, yet now they all run to it trying to take a piece.

  8. Isn’t it the other way around? Computers turn anolog into digital? At least that’s the experience I’ve run into?? Like newer modems?

  9. The bad thing is, at the time this was published, there are motor designs that are far superior to this.

  10. Loving the combination of invented words, technical knowledge and just general give-no-fuckery it’s a refreshing change keep up the good work sir!

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