BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology: Long Version.

BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology: Long Version.

First introduced on the new BMW 7 Series (July 2012) as part of the optional Adaptive LED Headlights, this functionality is now also supported with Xenon headlights on all new BMW 3 Series Saloon and Touring models specified with a Visibility package.

BMW Adaptive Headlights are combined with BMW High-beam Assistant technology to provide an intelligent headlight system that optimises the illumination of the road ahead without glaring on-coming traffic and other road users. This ensures improved visibility and safety during night time and poor weather driving conditions.

21 thoughts on “BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology: Long Version.”

  1. you cannot possibly begin to imagine how much the repair bill for this shit is going to be

  2. This is pretty epic, but i could already imagine how much you would pay the stealership to fix these… $2000+ lol..

  3. I have these on my F01. Saw them working for the first time and thought there was some witchcraft going on. Genuinely amazing tech.

  4. old technology that was first used by Lexus in the 2004 ls430 ..amazing how all these new car just now have it.

  5. Классная машина, классная дорога. Молодцы Немцы умеет тратить бабки на полезные вещи, а не как у нас

  6. An awesome feature…So awesome that my cat sat up on his hind legs for about 45 seconds and just stared at the video (the last half). I don’t know why he was fascinated by it…He’s never watched videos before. Something must be intriguing.

  7. 1.53min der entgegenkommende wagen wird in fahrerhöhe NOCH vom lichtkegel erfasst!!! da bin ich als guter autofahrer besser als diese technologie. nur das kurvenlicht ist technisch ein vorteil und ausgereift!

  8. die titanic war unsinkbar! der sieg der deutschen im WW2 war sicher, contagan ein gutes medikament und die loveparade 2010 kuschelig….

  9. bmw should have automatic indicator….. since every one who drives one can’t use them

  10. I have seen these in action from the other side of the carriage way. It looked to me like I was being flashed. I have seen this multiple times and now I realise it is that the opposite traffic has adaptive headlights. Very annoying!

  11. Один хер ГАИ-цам что-нибудь не понравится

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