Bill Gates Interview: How The World Will Change By 2030

Bill Gates Interview: How The World Will Change By 2030

The Verge sat down with Bill Gates to talk about his ambitious vision for improving the lives of the poor through technology. It just so happens that The Verge exists to explore that kind of change — which is why Bill Gates will be The Verge’s first ever guest editor in February.

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16 thoughts on “Bill Gates Interview: How The World Will Change By 2030”

  1. It’s unbelievable how most people don’t see what’s behind this one word monsters ,thay make believe it’s all for the good of humanity but it’s about control. The bottom line it’s all Control a socialist world whit no individual rights ,by the time the majority of the population see it it’ll be too late .

  2. Dear Bill, though you might not ever read this comment, I thought that I would let you know that most of the world understands just who you are.  A person who is not interested at all in saving human lives, rather ending them w/your vaccine program that is loaded w/concoctions that murder people, just as your stance on abortion which is murder also. Jesus is coming!

  3. The government will know every single transaction we do. Second purchases will be illegal. No more yard sales without paying fees and taxes. You wont be able to sell your neighbor your old welding machine unless you pay taxes on any sale or purchase. You people down below are sheep. I highly suggest you a little research on agenda 21/30 and the new world order. Stop bein a sheep.

  4. I still think he’s full of it. What about the soil erosion epidemic? What about climate change? What about the growing wealth inequality? ….. I hope Gates and fellow billionaires die soon and pass along their wealth to more responsible people.

  5. There would be no world by then.
    Saudi Arabia and Israel going for war with Iran Lebanon Syria and the rest of the world is ready to follow them.

  6. Africa’s population wouldn’t be growing uncontrollably if we weren’t exporting food there
    let the natural selection work

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