Ancient Technology So Advanced It Confused Scientists Throughout The World

Ancient Technology So Advanced It Confused Scientists Throughout The World

Ancient discoveries have remained hidden for centuries, but here we have an astounding array of evidence that could prove that advanced ancient technology existed. Ancient monuments, structures and artifacts displaying incredible perfection that even today are among the most difficult on earth to obtain.

This video answers questions like, how did an ancient civilization construct such complex engineering? How did they construct such “seamless” architecture? Generally, we can suppose that the technology of highly advanced civilizations would tend to become widespread. It follows in turn that we would expect to find evidence of their technology all over the planet. This video will show many artifacts from antiquity which challenge our preconceptions about our predecessors’ technology and level of scientific knowledge.

29 thoughts on “Ancient Technology So Advanced It Confused Scientists Throughout The World”

  1. Once you believe a conspiracy theory it looks like you have to believe them all…. what is this!??!?!

  2. So they figured out to make paper planes but as we all know they don’t work the same way as a real plane. It’s kids toys!

  3. 3:25 LEARN ENGLISH: Please never put the word “very” in front of a superlative. There is no such thing as “very excellent”. Why deny the word “excellent” it’s dignity?

  4. 3:40 Not every man is a “gentleman”. Why is it so many Americans refer to every male figure, including known criminals, with the word “gentleman” ? ? ?

  5. “If I got 4 volts out of a small Baghdad battery, then the big ones should produce more voltage”. No, that’s not how batteries work. The voltage of a cell depends on the materials used, but not the size. A bigger cell just has more energy (can run for longer) and can produce more current. Compare a D cell to a AAA cell – both use the same materials, the D cell is just bigger. So, the huge Baghdad batteries would still be 4 volts.

    If you want higher voltage, you have to connect multiple cells in series.

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  7. If you cant produce an audio track that sounds any better then ‘live from a garbage can’ then you lost me.

  8. where is the knife that is cutting through the stone ? you miserable little fake . thumbs down and report as misleading text . congratulations

  9. that stupid little toy ‘plane doesn’t have wings that create lift. its not a plane. its a bird or insect. There were various miniature animal effigies found. Not a plane. Debunked long ago. Looks like a dragonfly to me.

  10. Wow! Lots of great information. I love how you bring things together. Great video.

  11. the ark had a tesla coil like device inside that could generate power directly from the atmosphere . . . I think . . . .

  12. Could they have use an acid solution to weakin stone ? Could there be such precision in order to cut and carve into stone with it…?

  13. Love how folk say ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY so can we compare all this shit to the stuff we have today super computers, motor engines, machine guns, nuclear missles, tv??? So advanced that none of the technology actually got buried, would love to see what people dig up if we ever go. Iphones/computers/engines and the tools that made them.

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