Ancient Technology (Part 1)

Ancient Technology (Part 1)

2007 Lecture by Jason Martell

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  1. Hey Jason,
    Since reading Zecharia Sitchins “The 12th Planet” over a year ago, I have been on a quest to understand and try to educate people of our origin. I have watched all your video’s you got on youtube and would like to say thanks for the excellent lectures and footage. I am indeed looking forward to the light you, and the likes of the great Zecharia Sitchin are shedding on this most important matter. 2012 is only around the corner…
    Thanks heaps mate.

  2. Hey Jason, great lecture, really well presented too.

    I was reading an interesting artical about the Ark, the gist of the paper was the Ark was basically a giant battery, have you heard anything along those lines yourself?

  3. Hey Jason, I am a 20yo student in Electronics and I’ve seen this ancient battery before. I have also been very interested in the religion-UFO-ancient technology connection for a few years now. How I support you ideas? Do you have a tour schedule? Will ever come to NY?

  4. Thanks very much for posting this kind of videos, jaser7. Im open minded to these things, but – as you say – one has to be critical, because the interpretations are very often far from the facts. Sometimes riddles are created where in there is no riddle. But anyway, interesting to watch!

  5. Very interesting. I am a ufo believer for i have seem some. i do have a question. why do we have a pyamid with a eye on it on our american dollar? america dont have pyamids do we? I find it odd and always have. wonder if there is a tie in or something? can you dig into all this?

  6. all this is pretty new to me too….Have you Watched “Disclosure Project?” on u tube yet…awesome vid

  7. Lookup Illuminati. Skull&Bones and, best yet, watch nearly everything regarding theory and conspiracy ( separately ).

  8. I noticed that he said Saddam might have gotten his hands on this and tha’t maybe why “we” wanted to go in there, but he is missing the point. There is no “we” it’s them, becasue he’s still begging them to even acknowledge this find, or steal as it should be named. What are these tablets doing in Britain? They’re theives, as we’ve always known

  9. The Pyramids were built as power plants… They used sound to harness the Earths Natural resonance and converted this into microwave energy… look up a book called “The Giza Power plant” by an auther called Christopher Dunn. his website is here – gizapower



    CHECK OUT THE WATER DRIVEN ENGINES ALSO or BATTERIES we can make now that produce HHO hydrogen ENERGY

  10. 42:35 Saddam got his hands on UFO technology? So here’s where his WMDs came from! LOL! xD

  11. Hagirl, he pyramid with the all-seeing eye is the main Masonic symbol. As everyone knows, the USA were created by the Masons. You can find symbolic traces of this fact virtually everywhere around the US national symbolism, institutions, political and legal system.

  12. Initially, yes. But smth went wrong and they had to leave. The guy mentions they could have quarrelled with each other, which forced them to leave. This is confirmed by the story in Mahabharata, which describes an ancient nuclear war between Atlantis (using the valx aircraft) and the Rama empire /India/ (using vimana aircraft).

  13. thanks but i still wonder why the pyamid on dollar and i dont know what holly grail means.

  14. There are many theories about what could happen in 2012. The best thing to do is make your own decision on what could happen. Read “The 12th Planet” or “The Lost Book Of Enki” both by Zecharia Sitchin, or just research the ancient civilizations yourself on the net. You’d be surprised what you find if you know what to look for.

  15. Still more on the Atlantis/Rama war: the Atlanteans supposedly were annoyed by Rama and they eventually decided enough was enough, so they started a nuclear war (traces are all across India) and used a seismic weapon causing earthquake at the other side of the world; but smth went bad and it backfired, drowning their own island as well.

  16. Actually i found smth about 2012 in wikipedia, it says December 21st, 2012, is regarded the end of both the Mayan and Egyptian calendar, and the start of a new world. Same in the Indian beliefs that the world follows certain cycles, called Brahma’s Breath.

  17. It is a very interesting topic. No matter what theory you would like to believe, it’s quite evident that many of our ancestors knew something about this date that we don’t.

  18. the unfinished pyramid represents the foundation of the U.S. and that is in reference to the Masonites. The eye represents the all-seeing eye of Providence.

  19. Because the Atlanteans caused a chain of cataclysms with their superpowerful weapons, and it eventually backfired on them.

  20. nice video. long but i watched the whole thing. interesting stuff. you seem to be very knowledgable in this field. i read a story south american that kinda is similar to the summerian one. would the annanaki be similar to the nephilim of the old testament?

  21. they left out the hindus. if you want to talk power of flight in anceint cultures look into vimanas. mercury powered air ships. i think the books were written 4000 or so years ago.

  22. good job man hit it on the money are those stone tablets available for scanning u can probably scan them then read them but i guess like everything else its either hidden or destroyed but i bet on new excavation sites theres got to be more tablets to read cool as hell

  23. Careful for mis-information. I personally don’t give merit to a topic unless I can back it up with facts 🙂

  24. really interesting,but you have not even mentioned anything about Sanskrit or Vedas which is even older than the Sumerian culture.


  25. They also predicted on Long Count the return and the Spanish arrived and aggresively converted the mayans to christianity and destroyed the codecs.

    Maybe 2012 prediction not so accurate considering their long count predictions on the past….

  26. Ancient civilization had advanced knowledge of things we have no knowledge of these days….amazing

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