Amity Technology Sugar Beet Harvest

Amity Technology Sugar Beet Harvest

The line of Amity Technology sugar beet harvesting equipment puts the power of three in your hands and your field! Visit us today to find a dealer near you!

13 thoughts on “Amity Technology Sugar Beet Harvest”

  1. $100,000 cart and you’ll still need a 2nd one to keep up to the 6 ton tank on the harvester. Seems like there could be better use of money.

    Concept is neat, engineering appears well done, practicality with a pull type harvester? Questionable.

  2. Great clip” and Outstanding song” NF PORTER” IF I COULD BE SURE, A big Northern soul hit in the uk from the day, .

  3. We use 1 machine for the whole harvesting – seems waste of money to me if you need 3 machines for the same job ^^

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