Amazing Screen Technology : Samsung Flexible AMOLED

Amazing Screen Technology : Samsung Flexible AMOLED

This is CF of Samsung Mobile Display & AMOLED.
I’ts amazing and wonderful technology!!!

In korea, netizen says
“Samsung kidnaps aliens(or hijacks UFO) again!” 🙂

28 thoughts on “Amazing Screen Technology : Samsung Flexible AMOLED”

  1. I am wondering how close we are to having mass produced, pull up banner screens (2000×850) for mobile media marketing

  2. Hello!! does anyone still remember Nokia Morph? you know the concept Nokia unveiled back in 2008… /watch?v=IX-gTobCJHs

  3. Too bad this device is totally fake. Nice magic holograms; that makes tons of sense. I like how it doesn’t need a battery, either. What kind of electronics need power, lol?

    Don’t get me wrong; the bendy display is real enough, I’m sure, but this version of it isn’t…

  4. alias ghostablet: tempo un bel po di anni per l’uscita e sistemi di localizzazione a parte, perdersi il device sarà un’abitudine difficile da togliersi 😉

  5. ofcourse that isnt real u fucktard idiots. its just to shoe what could possibly in the future. fukin shitheads btching about how this isnt real seriously needs to get some medicines. this isnt even hillarious how they are so serious about btching

  6. It only shows near future, like you say.
    However, Samsung already has the whole new technology shown in this commercial.
    Flexible display.
    Folding display.
    Transparent display.
    Check this out. This is what Samsung presented 3 years ago. (2010).


  7. OMG. S-Translator? Like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S4? It looks like this commercial is showing what Samsung’s future is holding!

  8. samsung should know that Sony had this tech in 2007 itself….do you want your phone to be folded ? If so why ? BTW Display technology is not led by samsung it’s corning, applied materials(AKT) and many other stake holders

  9. It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these normal people accomplish it so easily using MAD Muscle Ripper (go google it).

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