Amazing And Powerful Machines – Modern Technology

Amazing And Powerful Machines – Modern Technology

The video presents a variety of machines for the performance of their assigned work. Large trucks, road vehicles, SUVs and others ..
Among them there is both modern technology and time-proved ..

1. Can t Change His Mind
2. Cartoon Hoedown
3. Champ
4. Festival
5. Engine Fire
6. Fiend
7. Fig Leaf Times Two

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19 thoughts on “Amazing And Powerful Machines – Modern Technology”

  1. Some examples are things that a machine was MADE to perform(haul trucks transport cargo) or having to improvise(putting a ferry down on the water), and some are the purest showcase of imbecils doing stuff(tractor “plowing” a road). I did NOT need to see such dumb things.

  2. Oui c’est sûr que tu as besoin d’autres choses que des salades et tu fais quoi de beau rêve

  3. Łał ale też kurwa niesamowite maszyny o kurwa no magia tego nie ogarniesz WSZYSTKO DO DUPU

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