All You Need to Know about Invisalign Price

Many people are not happy with their smile due to various reasons like unsightly gaps, crowding teeth or crooked teeth, etc. But due to the fear of traditional wire braces, they search for some more effective treatment to avoid its physical and emotional effects. Today many dental clinics offer Invisalign as a great alternative to traditional braces to align the misaligned teeth and improve your smile. But before discussing the price of Invisalign you must know a bit about this concept.

What is Invisalign?

A modern treatment used for making your teeth strong without using wires is known as Invisalign. A custom set of invisible aligners is made from durable, clear and smooth plastic to align your teeth by snapping it on them. You have to exchange your aligners with a new one after every 2 weeks to align your teeth in their correct position in a gradual manner

Price of Invisalign

The average price of Invisalign can vary between $3000 and $7000 depending upon various factors like:

  • The amount of work to be done on your teeth and your oral health
  • Location of the dental clinic
  • The average price index of the city
  • Time spent by the dentist
  • Coverage provided by your insurance plan

Though the cost of Invisalign treatment can vary for every individual case but you can save the cost of this treatment in many ways discussed here under.

Ways to save on the cost Invisalign

Invisalign is considered a purely aesthetic treatment by many orthodontists but it may not be true in every case. If it is done to align crooked teeth, which can increase the risk of decay, pain in the jaw or periodontal diseases, then you can reduce the cost of treatment by using a few programs and strategies like:

Ask your insurance provider

The dental insurance plans of many insurance providers may cover the treatment of Invisalign similarly as they cover braces. If your insurance covers up to 50% of your treatment even then you save a lot.

HSA or Health savings accounts

You can use your HSA to keep aside a few dollars before tax to spend only on healthcare treatment. Your funds in HSA can roll over to next year to accumulate more dollars for your treatment as well as allows you to have an insurance plan with high-deductibles.

FSA or Flexible spending accounts

This is another account that allows you to put some pre-tax money aside for your healthcare treatment only. But it can be availed if it is offered by your employer. It can also be used with a debit card attached to this account. However, funds in this account cannot be rolled over to net year. So you will have to use it in that very year.

Payment plan

Many Oklahoma City Orthodontist offer various types of payment plans to allow their patients to pay their charges in installments if they cannot pay their entire bill at once. You can ask the dentist in this regard while consulting him.

Thus the price of Invisalign can vary on the basis of many factors discussed in this write-up.

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