Advanced Ancient Technology Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

Advanced Ancient Technology Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

If you have any interest in the history of mankind and aren’t afraid to disregard mainstream history then you need to take a look at this video. Mounting scientific evidence shows that prior to the end of the Ice Age, 12,000 years ago, a very advanced civilizayion existed on Earth and they were using advanced high technology. This video will try to explain who built the ancient structures scattered throughout the continent. Incredible megalithic Buildings of immense size, weight, precision that really ask who did this?

Many stone structures are examined that appeared to have been at least partially created using advanced technologies that the Pharaohs simply did not have; technologies in some cases appear superior to our own. Geologists, stone masons, engineers and other professionals were consulted in order to create this work, along with experts on the oral traditions of this extremely ancient land, and the results will surprise you. Clearly there was a civilization before the Pharaohs who had advanced technologies.

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  1. I had a dream there was a second Sphinx another one on the east side of the known Sphinx .My dream was correct you can see it from an airplane very clearly under the sand i wonder what the face looks like ????…

  2. the “pulsar” at galactic centre is a plasmoid, highest energy concentration of the galactic electrical circuit ; it accumulates and stores energy to a certain threshold and then discharges in jets, usually axially to the galactic plane, but possibly through the plane now and then

  3. the Pumapunku stones , nobody has replicated it to make some constructions,, no miniature models ?

  4. the scientific assessment the data obtained and confirmed . photo comparisons etc. etc. and all of it agreed upon across the spectrum of scientific fields that there is more going on here than we’re taught or told  and all of it then narrated by someone with a 6th grade vocabulary and 9th grade level of intelligence   . I just don’t get it . all of that info and than we’re supposed to buy it from this speaker , who sounds about as confident as  _________ (fill in the blank)   a.  g w bush   b.  goofy  c.  curly   d.  Hillary   e.  or all of the above?

  5. When you guys are told slaves did something, do you think slaves mean 10, 20, or even 100 people? a ton is about 2000 pounds lets say the slaves were weak so each can only lift 100 pounds, at that its 20 slaves a ton. The math on lifting pulls and ropes does add up. And anyone who tell’s you I couldn’t recreate it or build it so it’s impossible is the dumbest thing i heard in years.

  6. At 45:00 it looks like a musical tuning type variation, not unlike the reeds of a harmonica or other similar wind instrument. Amazing to wonder what they were and what they did…

  7. “The Great Pyramid is the largest, most precisely built, and most accurately aligned building ever constructed in the world. To my mind it represents the ‘state of the art’ of the civilisation that built it. (State of the art describes a condition of excellence, wherein the pursuit of any occupation and the product of that occupation is the best example of it, using the most up-to-date methods available for its completion.) There is no evidence to support the speculation that civilisation, for one brief period of time, could produce work that is so advanced it would be considered supernatural to the members of that society. We will get further in our understanding of the Great Pyramid [and thus Peruvian megalithic sites, and others world wide] if we follow the premise that it is an accurate reflection of the technology that was developed and used by the society that built it.” – Christopher Dunn… thus… if it looks and seems that in all probability that a technologically advanced culture built said ruins… than that is exactly the kind of society that did… not primitive tribes that could barely build huts with rubble.

  8. It’s not far fetched at all to deduct that in a long enough timeline in human history civilizations far more advanced or less advanced but more or less the same to what we have today could have sprung up time and time again, or it could have been a continuation only watered down as time stretched to the present day. On the contrary, it would be foolish to think otherwise because to do so will involve a high percentage of arrogance on our part rather than reason.

    How old is industrial revolution again that catapulted a previously warring and barbarous region into the civilization we know of today? A couple of hundreds?

    I believe the only reason or one of the reason that whoever has authority over these sites prohibit people with a truly open mind to do research would be because of either embarrassment or the method of inquiry about nature and the truth we have adopted for so long is “too big to fail” regardless of its apparent flaws “because it involves everybody and everything”.

  9. I like his beginning but then it starts getting full of krap. He stated near the end that diorite has a mohs hardness of 10, and thus could not be cut by anything but diamond. This is false. diorite has a mohs hardness close to 7. If he can’t get something like this correct, what are we to thimk of the rest of his krap?

  10. The old earth theory Genesis 1:2 in the original Greek for Hebrew states our basic understanding of the timeline is in correct. The earth was once destroyed by fire and recreated making the earth far older then the bibles timeline. Its more than likely that all the technology that took to shape and from was delver to earth by fallen Angles. Levitating and quarrying these monoliths were preformed by supernatural means. Find this accounts of angelic activity are found in the BOOK OF ENOCH, The Book of Jubilees and The Book of Giants. The Bible teaches about the TOWER OF BABYLON.

    Charles, R.H.. The Book of Jubilees .  . Kindle Edition.

  11. This guy lied right in the beginning, then asked you reject results produced by experts. Com’on people.

  12. If you want to read his work for fun, so be it. Just know Foerster background is very questionable.

  13. This guys an idiot..
    So Inca are incapable of having list knowledge aswell?
    Smh. It could have still been them. Don’t forget they had pyramids aswell..

  14. More BS. Alway crediting ancient none-white civilizations to aliens from outer space!!!

  15. Seeing this junk, reading the comments….We DO NEED to screen who gets to procreate. So many imbeciles, so much air and water wasted od primitive lifeforms. You “believers” are reason why we invented abortions. And we do need as many of those as possible.

  16. It’s mind blowing how our imaginations create such wonderful stories by making shit up to fill in all the gaps

  17. If I heard a bong gurgling in the background, MAYBE I could understand why this person is bordering insane. Instead all I get to hear is that lip licking picked up on the microphone.

    I see – ALL anthropologists and archaeologists who dedicate their LIFE to their work, not for profit, are WRONG, and this SINGLE narrator has ALL the answers, which is never more than ‘I think’ ‘probably’ ‘my guess’. That I read this narrator more or less stole this presentation from someone else? if that’s not enough…. That this person feels the need to ‘be the expert’ all the while he denounces all OTHER experts – who DO engage in PEER CONSENSUS validation… This guy is just a self righteous lost cause – he’s a danger to kids, any child that watches this will be SO SCREWED… I have my doubts on how much of a theme this IS in his life… He purports to know all, and yet ? strikes down peer driven consensus derived reality by people who dedicate their ENTIRE LIVES to just ONE part of this guys long never ending ‘ aliens are behind it all ‘ conspiracy. For some reason he feels he’s being lied to, something tells me it’s psychological projection and it is HE who lies, HE who hides something… The only question is -what is he hiding? I can’t wait for the entire global warming is a facade message to show up, who knows, maybe this is Shell oil giving him 20k to put this crap out… Maybe he’s just another reason home schooling can go wrong so fast. Either way, don’t fall this this crap folks, it’s ONE person discounting and discrediting EVERYONE ELSE – then claiming to be an expert with NO footnotes, no references – he’s QUITE DANGEROUS to the youtube community in that vulnerable, gullible people will watch this and think the false authority he professes has any merit to it at all. I wouldn’t let this guy take the job of a Walmart Greeter !

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