7 Suspiciously SURPRESSED Technologies

7 Suspiciously SURPRESSED Technologies

Flying saucers, hyper-drive technology, instant orgasm pills; there are many technologies which conspiracy theorists claim exist behind a shroud of government or corporate secrecy, except the last one, that’s something I just want to exist.

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Humans have enjoyed running over squirrels and doing drive by’s in autonomous motor vehicles for more than a Century now, and we’ve had electricity for even longer, but it’s only in the last few years we’ve seen these two things come together in a commercially viable manner, with the release of vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S.

The dangers of smoking have been known by cigarette companies for decades now, but at first, this information was withheld from the public or downplayed in seriousness in order to protect their profits.

Strange Mysteries knows its audience, and we’re well aware that a good portion of the folks watching us are baked like a potato right now, so let’s take that doobie out of your mouth and examine it, to find out why people might want to prevent the use of cannabis and hemp based products so fiercely.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and not totally excellent nipple stimulator, as I personally hoped.

In the days before mobile phones and digital cameras made sweet sweet love to form the smartphone, humans were forced to use film cameras to take their selfies and wiener shots, and these had to be processed down at the chemist, the photo store or your creepy uncle’s darkroom.

As the world seeks to free itself from the bondage of fossil fuel reliance, many different energy sources have been explored, have failed, and have been consigned to the realms of science fiction history.

The most controversial entry on this list is undoubtedly this one; the possible suppression of free energy technology developed by Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago.

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  1. Dude…i almost died choked to death by a orange when you did the “enjoying drive-by” part…bahahahahaha…..I m so going to hell for this 🙁 .

  2. Well, HEMP rope was smoked by sailors in the 19th century. But I fail to understand why they don’t use HEMP? Perhaps it was because of the effect that it had on the brain.

  3. Nikola Tesla was NOT transmitting FREE ENERGY, he was TRANSMITTING WIRELESS POWER, the same concept that today’s wireless phone chargers use, hey google seem to fact check much? , reason power companies wouldn’t want wireless power, all you’d need are some diodes, copper wire, and some capacitors and boom free electricity from the air….but the inverse square law kinda kills it…

  4. seriously? tesla? he knew nothing about physics, he was just an inventor, but we do have free energy, thank einstein for that.

  5. I always thought that the best way to deter Iran from making weapons would have been offering them thorium reactors, thus giving them abundant energy without fear of weaponization… but I’m just a dopey Canuck that clicks on cat videos too often.

  6. Well you gotta give the Nazis one thing…they knew and spearheaded the spreading of information about the dangers of tobacco use…just sayin

  7. maybe we shouldn’t suppress the amazing technology of net neutrality
    *cough* fcc. aji pai, and ISPs *cough cough*

  8. Cigarettes took “Hundreds of millions of lives”? Everything they say about Americans not being able to do math is true.

  9. Instant orgasm pill? That’s called MDMA, bro. Just get to the nearest EDM club or festival and BAM, you can get your insta-orgasm pill.

  10. Totally off topic …. but the soundtrack at intro for your videos is so mysterious and amazing i love it… it always reminds me of the past and past life events.

  11. lol. if you read a bit on thorium you will find it is not efficient at all, and it is far more expensive than fossil fuels en masse, so essentially you are not getting the most important point of the whole discussion. these technologies are obsolete before they made it.

  12. Yep, the Wall St. thieves in the U.S. and the corrupt assholes of Bay St. In Canada have been killing the citizens of both countries for profit for well over half a century. They’re getting worse with every passing day.

  13. The type of people mentioned in this video are the most evil people on earth. Serial Killers, Terrorists, Murders, Gangsters & Rapists etc are nothing compared to them. When you knowingly hurt people by holding back beneficial technology or continue to sell a harmful product all in the name of profit. You are the biggest most evil scum on the planet.

    Not one aforementioned criminal has killed or cause the suffering of as many people as greedy soul less Corporate/Government business criminals.

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