3D Metal Printing | 3D Printing Technologies

3D Metal Printing | 3D Printing Technologies

How It’s Made: 3D Metal Printing (Courtesy of Ex One)

With steel 3D printing, your part is created by binding together layers of steel powder. Specifically, after a layer of steel powder is spread across the base of a “build box”, a special print head moves back and forth over the layer, and deposits binding agent at specific points, as directed by a computer and your design file. Once the layer is finished and it has been dried via powerful overhead heaters, a new layer of powder is spread, and the process begins again. In this way, layer by layer, from the bottom up, your part is created.

Once the printing is done, the build box is placed in a curing oven and your part is sintered. The extra powder that was not bound, and is not part of your design, is then removed. At this point, your part is still very fragile. This so called “green state” will be the base of some of the design rules and limitations that follow below. Finally, via the use of a flute system, your design is infused with bronze, which replaces the binding agent. Your part is now solid metal, and after the flutes are manually removed, it is tumbled and polished to produce a smooth finish.

For more information on Steel 3D printing visit i.materialise:


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  1. yaaaay another step into a society where we all can shoot with gauss guns and lazer beams XD thsi will make many things easier.

  2. Ok, i’ts nice and all, BUT there are a lot we need
    Huge machines, too much material and electricity to build such things ????
    I mean, comme on

  3. Not necessarily faster. It really depends on the part. Sometimes machining or other methods can be way faster.

  4. What would it take ,financially to produce a 3d printed pedicab. Red would be nice

  5. Can anyone tell me more about these “jets on the print head”

    What was shown was very fast and short, and I have never seen one of these in real life.

    Thanks in advance

  6. terrifih! what’s vp. cent well-to-do what’s your opinion about this, luys 11

  7. I strongly feel this can bring in a revolution in the medical sector to create best fir intricate joints and can be extended to back bone replacements as well 🙂
    i am looking forward for that revolution that helps humanity.

  8. Well faster 3d metal printing methods exist. This needs too much human interference and time. Binder is not the best way to do this with metal.

  9. Just like how the pleiadains build their spacecraft awesome but on a larger scale nice

  10. we have a three d metallic. printer the size of a fifty foot building at a special place

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