15 Futuristic Technologies You’ll See In Your Lifetime

15 Futuristic Technologies You’ll See In Your Lifetime

From the possible colonisation of other worlds to clothes that will automatically clean themselves when you step into sunlight, we count 15 technological advances predicted by wise minds for the future of our species within the next 50 years or so
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37 thoughts on “15 Futuristic Technologies You’ll See In Your Lifetime”

  1. Why build robot soldiers? Human life is dirt cheap. A pair of humans can churn out a litter of twenty younglings in a mere twenty years. Sperm and eggs are MUCH cheaper than circuits and steel.

  2. Eating and not getting fat? That exists right now. Me. I eat 5-6 full meals a day , from pasta to soups and fast food , tbh I don’t eat too much candy or chocolate, but I still don’t get fat…and I’m not even doing any sports…I go out three-four times a week with my friends to watch movies ,eat at restaurants etc and sometimes to play basketball…And I’m still a stick-type tall guy 😉

    I AM the future technology ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. In the movie “Top Secret,” Dr Flemonde showed Nick rivers a magnet that could remove the salt from a million gallons of seawater a day. He then asked Nick rivers if he new the implications of that for the starving 3rd world countries. “Of course, now they will never run out of salt!”

  4. Danger Dolan you are no more than a sawed off twat wanker. You really need to fact check your info you fucking cunt. No offense but Brits just like the Yanks know sweet fuck all and rewrote history to suffice what they want. GO TO FUCKING SCHOOL.

  5. People, most of these technologies are currently realities. There is literally a Master Schedule to determine when they will be individually released for public use, if released at all. Tesla’s life, works and career can attest to that. He was a couple of centuries ahead of his time, but the power that be suppressed his developments and took them as their own.

  6. Screw artificial intelligence. Robots were designed to work in factories and they should have stayed there. Humans Will always be better than robots, simply because it’s actually forbidden to make them as intelligent or more intelligent than us. I don’t wanna die in a Terminator Apocalypse, People. Think of what Stephen Hawking said.

  7. well speaking of nano technology we could create ones that removed and replaced the cancer with other cell madders

  8. never wanna happen this things because dajjal lucifer is already on earth exist somewhere island… new world order start as well…

  9. If you create “fresh” water out of salt water by boiling it, the water in the bottle will be pure H20, which is HIGHLY toxic because it washes away all salt in our bodies and we can’t hold any more water and we’ll die.

  10. #12 estend the time we get to exist. #13 phones that recharge when put in a bowl

  11. I don’t like this BS. Machines surpass us? I doubt they will like us for long, they may see us as a problem and connect to ea other and get rid of us. it CAN happen! I’m an electronics engineer (Ret)

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