10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime

10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime

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In the past few years, we have witnessed great leaps in technology. And believe it or not, we are just getting started. Here are 10 science-fiction like future technologies that are soon going to enter our daily lives, for real.

Hear what you touch
Smart Bra
Vomit Inducing Flashlight
Smart Fridge
Invisibility Cloak
Cloning of human body parts
Space Elevator
Mind Meld
Tailor Made Babies

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28 thoughts on “10 Unbelievable Future Technologies That Will Change The World In Your Lifetime”

  1. Are u out of ur mind. Train ur menory, contorl ur appreciate and anything that make a person vomit. IS NOT A GOOD THING. UR SOUL AND BODY IS DESIGNED TO SUPPORT U. This technology is designed to control u.

  2. I request to all scientists to create the tiny chips to control human’s cells not to grow older and to die any more longer please.rev. 21:3-4

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  4. GENUIS IDEAS? Maybe! I’m a technology addict, but none of these ideas solve poverty. In actuality these ideas acerbate poverty issues in so many ways.

  5. What a load of crap…..taking your unique features as a human and plugging you into a fucking computer.

  6. I think that many mirrors can make an object disappear at the good angles

  7. Ifyou use a Kindle or E reader you don’t need fingertip bumps as if you hold on the word the definition and options for Wikipedia or online information appear. Simples.

  8. The space elevator probably wont happen. We dont have enough nanotubes to do so. We dont have mass production yet. And it would be a huge financial project, and it fails. The resulting event would be catastrophic. But if carbon nanotubes reach the production scale of current carbon fiber, it may be possible. But thats only if every economic superpower [China,russia and USA] put in funds and resources. It would still take a decade to have enough nanotubes to commence building. Let alone the building requirements.

  9. Space elevator my ass. A space elevator can never happen. taking in facts like the earths rotation, a space elevator would be ripped apart as half of it would be under atmosphere, and the other in a vacuum. even if it didn’t get snapped in half, the pressure difference inside the elevator would kill anybody going up. think about going up a mountain in a matter of minutes, or going to the bottom of the ocean in minutes. And don’t tell me that, “Oooh because you’re inside an elevator, the pressure won’t make a difference.” There’s a reason submarines can’t reach the bottom of the ocean. because they collapse. nano carbons can’t hold in a difference between atmospheric pressures, and vacuum. I could go on and on about why a space elevator is completely impossible.

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