WindTamer Turbines – The Most Efficient Technology |

WindTamer Turbines – The Most Efficient Technology |

WindTamers patented technology produces more than double the power of traditional wind turbines for a faster return on investment. The turbines are practical for more Settings. The vibration-free turbines work well in a wider range of winds and heights, enabling them to be used in places such as rooftops and residential neighborhoods. They are an environmentally and socially responsible product. The turbines not only provide green energy, they are also silent, safe for birds and only as tall as a flag pole. Learn more at

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  1. you know what would be good, to actually see a real wind tamer in action, and not a computer generated model.

  2. no price means it some stupid efin outrageous price! its like when a neighbor is selling a home and you not supposed to ask how much hes selling for? whaaaaaat! f offf!!!

  3. They figured out how to make wind turbines uglier, that is ground breaking technology.

  4. Out of business as far as I can tell. To bad seems like a good design. Probably just another patent that was bought up and destroyed.

  5. There is no way they are “Completely Silent” and there is no way they don’t have some vibration. They may be quiet and relatively smooth, but anything with a moving part will have some level of vibration from various imperfections if you get down to enough detail. Unless you have found a new way to manufacture a perfectly smooth surface, then your claim is FALSE. Instead you could say, when working as designed, under ideal conditions, the windmill generates low levels of noise and vibration.

  6. If the blades were the same diameter as the “diffuser”, it would produce more power and wouldn’t need the diffuser at all. Adding complexity to a simple product to make advertising wank is all that this was.

  7. That thing will suck in every bee and bird that gets near it.. Not good if you need bees for pollination.

  8. anytime they hire a narrator with a voice like this you know some envelope is being pushed and it has his pay inside!

  9. it would be great if they show how far that thing flies when a little higher wind hits it’ll be flying thru your house in no time. to bulky

  10. There are bunch of “NEW” companies – startups promising all kind of BS and at the end they all end up bankrupt or just closing their business… This is the new era where is very “modern” to invest in young inexperienced fresh from the college semi educated boys and girls… And there are a lot of also not very bright “angel investors”… I am following what is going on in the startup community and this is a rule of thumb…

  11. Yeah, ok. Nice work, I’m clapping for the guy who figured out all the aero. My concern is just how _UGLY_ this thing is. Even now, in early 2017, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone willing to lease the land necessary to erect a conventional, 3-blade turbine. Hahahah! OMFG, I bet people in farmhouses across the country would be just _jumping_ out of their windows to have one of these *monstrosities* as a close, next-door neighbor…

  12. Is there footage or evidence of one functioning turbine anywhere?
    It didn`t sound so bad, but does it work?

  13. If anyone is interested in why this is bs: The cone behind the turbine makes the area bigger. Thus Betz law is still very much in effect. The closest we ever got to that limit was a little over 80% I think and it certainly was not this design to make that claim. The japanese have a similar thing going (Wind lens) but they have generally less wind speeds than other countries.

  14. These will suck birds and bats in and shred them to death. Why do you say they won’t harm birds?

  15. All that time expounding your efficiency and then you don’t even announce it?

    If you’ve truly beaten this limit, what’s the number and where are the scholarly articles?

  16. This is a technology I would love to have in my yard someday, even more so this is a technology I would jump at the chance to work on and be a part of, this is why manufacturing captured my attention!

  17. Having designed and built turbine systems, I would be extremely skeptical. The whole idea is to extract a maximum amount of energy with a minimum amount of structure (cost) and this turbine seems to have failed, even at twice the energy as claimed.

  18. Two vacuum?
    You can’t have vacuum without get the air around it to fill in that vacuum

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