Ultra High Bypass Jet Engine Propfan Technology | Aviation Videos | AeroSpaceNews.com

Ultra High Bypass Jet Engine Propfan Technology | Aviation Videos | AeroSpaceNews.com

From The buzzwords in clean power to reduce airline & aviation CO2 emissions for jet planes today are Geared Turbofan (GTF), Advanced Turbofan (ATF) and PurePower Engine along with GEnx. NEW: Support my video production – buy a personal copy of this video:

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Aviation documentary video by AeroSpaceNews.com Back in 1989 when this award winning story was produced, everyone was talking about Ultra High Bypass (UHB) jet engines. The topic of airline CO2 emissions and those greenhouse gases associated with air travel were subject of an ICAO deal on 6 October 2016.

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General Electric (GE) was testing the Unducted Fan (UDF) and a team of Pratt & Whitney and Allison were experimenting with a geared PropFan design. Test platforms consisted of a Boeing B-727 and a then Douglas MD-80 with most flights taking place at California’s Mojave Airport. This video also includes an appearance by the late brilliant Aviation Week Editor Michael Dornheim. He will be missed. Clearly, this video is from our archive, not a recent production. For more current news about the leading edge of safety, tactics and technology, please visit We’d appreciate links from your website and blogs too.

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  1. NEW: Please support my video productions – buy a copy of this video: https://goo.gl/2MKcLM
    I’ve cut off the long opening and there are no YouTube ads! Thanks!

    Would you fly on a plane with one of these ultra high bypass gas turbine powerplants? This subject, green jet engine technology in some form of ultra high bypass turbine engine, is becoming more relevant and popular every day. While this video was produced in – 1989 – (so be nice please), work on related aviation technologies continue by GE, Pratt & Whitney & others. The video features our editor on-camera and the late but wonderfully talented Michael Dornheim of Aviation Week & Space Technology. Be sure to subscribe and watch our other videos! Be the first to know and comment when we upload a new video! Subscribe to our free newsletter now: http://eepurl.com/bTKr9T You’ll also get breaking aerospace aviation news & features from our site! #avgeek   #ge   #prattandwhitney   #uhb   #green   #flightvideo   #aviationvideo   #aerospacenews   #boeing   #generalelectric   #mojave   #aviation   #ecofriendly   #udf

  2. 50c a gallon! The new GE engine has a gearbox and the blades have been incorporated with the front blades making them bigger and this achieves the bypass effect.

  3. Can somebody tell me the name of the song at the beginning of this video?  I have heard it numerous places, but I don’t know what the name of it is.  Thanks!

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