TOP 10 Best Fighters (Aircraft) In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 -=HD=-

TOP 10 Best Fighters (Aircraft) In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 -=HD=-

TOP 10 Fighters (Aircraft) In The World 2017, Military Technology 2017 HD! Best fighter in the world. Top fighter jets!
Top 10 best fighter (aircraft) in 2017:
1. t-50 (russia) – истребитель Т-50 (т50)
2. f-22 raptor (usa) – fighter f-22 raptor
3. sukhoi su-35 s (russia) – истребитель су-35
4. sukhoi su-30 mki (russia) – истребитель су-30 мки
4. f-35 Lightning II (usa) – fighter f-35 Lightning 2
5. f-16 (usa) – fighter f-16
5. eurofighter typhoon (eu) – fighters eurofighter typhoon
6. Dassault Rafale (french) – combattant rafale
7. f-15 strike eagle (usa) – fighter f-15 strike eagle
8. f/a-18 super hornet (usa) – fighters fa-18 super hornet
9. j-10 (china) – 戰鬥機j-10
10. jas-39 gripen (swedish) – kämpe jas-39 gripen

1. t-50 (russia) –
2. f-22 raptor (usa) –
3. sukhoi su-35 s (russia) –
4. sukhoi su-30 mki (russia) –
4. f-35 Lightning II (usa) –
5. f-16 (usa) –
5. eurofighter typhoon (eu) –
6. Dassault Rafale (french) –
7. f-15 strike eagle (usa) –
8. f/a-18 super hornet (usa) – Link coming soon
9. j-10 (china) – Link coming soon
10. jas-39 gripen (swedish) –
Best fighter in the world! Top fighter jets!

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  1. Where is the eurofighter from Germany?
    This is the best fighter in the world, and Not any fucking russian fighter. In every categorie wins russia, Bit Germany i think have the best!!!

  2. i love Russia country and i love Russia persident i sulute russia i really lov russia

  3. Следующий топ будет посвящен лучшим дорогам и зп,

  4. Mig -25 is the best fighters in the all time … no fighters can win on the mig-25

  5. Prototypes, like T-50 PAKFA does not dictate anything. it’s not even operational (service status) until 2018 (as they say). Russia now talks about 6th generation when they have not even have any 5th gen jet fighters in service. So, top ones must be dictated by true and operational T35 and T22 being 5th generation.

    When the US claimed air dominance years back, it’s still true to-date.

    There’ll be no more 6th gen planes. US will just arm it’s F35 Lightning II with nukes. Future may not be dictated by dog-fighting anymore. New game is high payload, wider sensor range, high survivability and open architecture. It’ll be something like bomber type planes, only smaller, like the B-21.

  6. I came here today to see all the Raging comments. Like, but but but …why isn’t the blah blah blah on the list or the blah blah bla blah blah…stupid idiot. It’s y’all who are idiots…out of over 3500 different kinds and variations from all over the world, you want me to pick 10 and say these are the best and not get someone angry because they didn’t add this one to the list! Make your own damn list! This took a lot of this persons time and effort! If y’all don’t like it, get off your lazy asses and do your own research

  7. Russian aircraft are like makes of car, pretty much all their “new ” fighters are copys of American aircraft almost down to the paint, NO/ how come their new birds always come out after the American design, its like reading a bad comic book…

  8. That Chine Fighter is an stolen Version of ther German X-27 – without it’s power

  9. Ладно хоть Раптора не забыл.

  10. t-50 (russia) – истребитель Т-50 (т50) Номер первый. А не подскажите, двигатель для него сделали новый, под систему “невидимка”, и вооружение есть ли? Или это до сих пор, просто летающий образец самого самого?

  11. Russia’s 5th gen fighter is no where near the f-22 , its brand new and not yet combat tested. not to mention the thrust vectoring technology and many other thing, fuck you and this list

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