Simon Sinek On Millennials In The Workplace

Simon Sinek On Millennials In The Workplace

Excerpt of Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest.

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  1. He’s describing a specific group of people who are most likely white, upper middle class with over baring mothers. Not my life whatso ever. Whatever, my lunch break is over time to pull another 13hr shift.

  2. Does anyone know where I can watch the whole interview from start to finish?

  3. Any time humanity is broken up into these goofy ass “generation labels”, its really just thinly veiled ageism.

  4. Maybe it’s because with everything that goes on throughout the world and news and media is that there isn’t a future to work towards? There isn’t hope for a better future because we can literally see it being torn down right before our eyes? Or because older people are the first to call names an instead of helping the future generation and supporting them? Idk just a thought….

  5. I see a lot of ppl saying that this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about . you guys hear the part where he says that millennials don’t even realize they are the way they are…. well he’s right. stop defending millennials. are we all the same way.. of course not, if you don’t fall into this category good for you, but let’s face it, most of what he is saying is not BS.

  6. this guys such a wanker. He contradicts himself multiple times throughout the speach. Hes jsut trying to sell a book on leadership but hes never been a real leader.

  7. I don’t like him but he’s got a point..I’m part of generation Z (post millennials) and I know way too many many who go places just to get the cool Instagram photo or who would search up “pictures of the sky” on their phones instead of just looking up.

  8. I was born in 1996 and i disagree with a lot of the stuff in this video cause almost none of them relate to me or my older brother or the friends i hang out with lol

  9. uh so like, hey who made us, we did not appear out of thin air. hey, you made us, woah. breaking news: we breathe oxygen. IT’S CALLED BAD PARENTING, DON’T BASE IT ON A FEW AMOUNT OF PEOPLE.

  10. My profile picture says otherwise buddy. I’ve earned everything that I have with no pats on the back. Put some glasses on and drop some dumb ass jokes, seems pretty easy. This dude makes way too many generalizations. Destroy social media and you will see a huge improvement.

  11. Unfortunately this is so true for myself. Looking to make an impact and finding myself. Making a change haha. Now it all just sounds silly!

  12. My god, this comment section is filled with total morons who miss the point entirely. Were you dropped on your head as a kid or something? He may not nail every detail correctly, but the bulk of this is right. It’s astounding that so many people, so called “adults” can’t see that social media, the instant gratification of one’s “accomplishments” through likes is just as damaging as alcohol abuse.

  13. There’s a missing piece all right, they missed the 70’s the 80’s and the 90’s.

  14. The playing out of millennials in the adult world is the natural product of political correctness having permeated into all facets of society. Award by merit, for example, has been considered politically incorrect for some time.

  15. It is not the companies responsibility!!!! It is up to the individual to change.

  16. He is an intelligent observant genius speaking the truth, but unfortunately screaming into an empty barrel.

  17. fuckin goof people have hated there jobs and have gotten fucked by corporate environments for years its called work for a reason not fun time. But once you make your moneyy you get houses and vacations and this is gratification welcome to life dip shit its been this way forever!

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