Restaurant Eating In Italy | Culture Shock

Restaurant Eating In Italy | Culture Shock

Food etiquette in Italy can be very different to what you’re used to, and tourists often come back with a sour taste in their mouth because they misinterpreted a situation at a restaurant, or didn’t get what they expected. A lot of the time there’s an explanation for the things that happen, and it comes down to culture clashes. So in this video I’ll be talking to you guys about the most common misconceptions tourists have when they sit down to eat at an Italian restaurant.

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12 thoughts on “Restaurant Eating In Italy | Culture Shock”

  1. I still love the intro so much ? this is an awesome video, can’t wait to visit Italy one day!

  2. I’ve been living in Italy for 3 months now and the hardest social rule I had to learn is not asking for a cappuccino after midday :/ Love your videos btw

  3. Last night me and my familia went to dinner at my cousins restaurant and this tiny boy threw pane at this drunk man at the table next to us and it was pretty bad, he started getting really mad
    “Cazzo… Are you kidding me? Watch your fucking child!”
    The parent of the child said something back which I can’t remember and basically he just screamed “VAFFANCULO,” then him and his family left the restaurant

  4. Eating late is great. I can’t sleep if I am
    Hungry so I like to eat last 8pm. I like what the Italians do. Also nice hair man, the color the shine the style, love it.

  5. CIAOOO, sono Micol grazie mille perchè mi stai aiutando un sacco con gli esercizi di pronuncia e di ascolto perchè dovrò andare in irlanda 2 mesi a partire dal prossimo mese. parli un italiano perfetto e usi i congiuntivi molto meglio di tanti altri italiani, davvero… mi sei da ispirazione
    ps. hai un account instagram?

  6. In Italia non si beve l’acqua del rubinetto perché potrebbe esserci del calcare? Spero di essere stata d’aiuto?❤

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