Primitive Technology: Thatched Dome Hut

Primitive Technology: Thatched Dome Hut

I built this thatched dome hut on a mountain ridge using completely primitive tools and materials. The frame was 2.5 m in diameter and 2 m tall. It was made from 8 thin saplings 2.75 m long, the thatching material was split palm fronds and vine was used for tying it all together. A stone hand ax was used to chop the saplings and a sharp stone flake was used to cut fronds. The pointed dome profile is half way between a spherical dome and a ti-pi. This shape sheds rain and funnels smoke effectively while still providing a large inner volume. A moat was dug around the hut to drain water away. As an afterthought I planted sweet potatoes and taro around the moat to hopefully provide some food later on.

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  1. Can i have this guy? Lol hes so badass & handsome too, looks like james franco kinda ?

  2. There are no mosquitoes in this area? Here in brazil i have to put an shirt… long hair helps too

  3. 마지막에 구덩이 왜 파지?? 했었는데 그 뒤에 보고 감탄..

  4. hi, im from europe so, we don’t have palm trees.
    does anyone have any idea to replace the palm leaves?

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