Ogo Episode 01 – Ogo Technology

Ogo Episode 01 – Ogo Technology

Introducing ogo,
a new take on personal transportation.
Our mission is to revolutionize the area around personal transportation and mobility.

Our team has blended cutting edge electronics and battery technology with an innovative intuitive hands free control system, to introduce a new era in personal transportation and freedom of movement for maximum independence.

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23 thoughts on “Ogo Episode 01 – Ogo Technology”

  1. this looks an incredible invention – i would get on to Kickstarter as i am sure many people like myself would contribute towards the development of your concept wheelchair. I can see with extensive R & D coupled with stringent safety measures this wheelchair could be a life changer.

  2. Ummmm and if you pass out? Have a seizure? get a cramp? lean over to adjust your center of gravity or to get pressure off one area of your body? Does this chair “know”? Or does it go rolling off a cliff? Just curious because my daughter had seizures and would pass out occasionally, she was wheelchair dependent. There were times she would lean over a bit to get pressure off one side or the other of her body too… how would the chair react to those things?

  3. Wonderful concept! With a few tweaks here & there to adapt to different needs…….All thats needed now I guess, is some enterprising mogul to help it & ‘us’ get moving! Have you seen ‘Dragons Den’ on BBC TV? Maybe you have something similar! The world is waiting!

  4. I love this idea and I offered it to a friend and coworker who suffered a car wreck years ago. I see questions about battery life and thought, besides how long can it go, maybe to have a swap-able battery pack that you could slide exhausted one out, for fresh one, and while using second, recharge the first. Solar cell might assist too. Bravo for invention. (from Granbury, TX). Sorry, I just saw your video below and you’ve already thought of all this. Two thumbs up.

  5. there is no reason also why ordinary people cannot use OGO it can be useful for normal people just as well as disabled.

  6. that’s assuming you have trunk control hitch I have little. nice concept though. i just wouldn’t be able to use it

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