Michio Kaku: The Dark Side Of Technology

Michio Kaku: The Dark Side Of Technology

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Dr. Michio Kaku addresses this question: What is the most dangerous technology?

Directed / Produced by
Jonathan Fowler and Elizabeth Rodd

32 thoughts on “Michio Kaku: The Dark Side Of Technology”

  1. Than we’re getting to the point where were not just useing technology but useing it to our avantage think about it you have the ability to order pizza online than a robot comes to your house seems cinda lazy

  2. Fred comes to mind, long story. The ruling elite have already sent bugs out to catch them. Check out, “Placebo’s work.” I predict that we’re going to split with the 1% being gods, and we will be slaves. They will be smarter, stronger and more talented than us by our design.

  3. The down fall of technology in my opinion or perhaps plus is that it itself studies us humans and get to learn us… but I’m always interested in what this man and their culture has to speak and display… lol…

  4. The more I watch this guy the more I think he talks bullshit. I guess I’m just not smart enough to understand, or he really does talk bullshit, but still bombs, viruses, and places going under water sounds scary.

  5. Por favor …… não ” acorde ” os cientistas malucos ……. deixe-os estar adormecidos ……. e oxalá estes ficassem eternamente adormecidos ! ……Acorde-os para o bem ……para a luz …….e não para o mal e para a escuridão ! …..

  6. I’m from Bangladesh. It’s one of the never ending struggling land. What can we do about the future instead of leaving the country?!? You are the genius Mr. Michio kaku, I am one of your biggest admirer and we feel proud of you, your words really inspires us. Please give us some solutions instead of scaring only.

  7. Bangladesh people already are fleeing to India. They are a real baby machine and can’t accommodate into their country.

  8. And you scientists find it so hard to believe in god.. And we ourself are doing everything possible to become gods you scientists are just to fucked up and outside of what we can observe. We know nothing. And that goes for what we can observe also..good to run around patting yourself’s on the back though.. Keep spirits up.

  9. love u michao but u r too. wrong like albert in some ways. dont just forcast like u have seen d future. the future ix bright as we r correcting it with a time machine…dear uncle world was just destroyed in 1959

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