Italian Culture Tips (from American Perspective)

Italian Culture Tips (from American Perspective)

Italian Culture Tips (from American perspective).

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  1. This is great! Thanks, I’ve gone through multiple websites, articles and videos – This is the best video so far that describes the behaviour and customs of italians. Wanted to find more about expats after watching Eat, Pray, Love.

  2. Where did you work/serve in Sicily. I want to do this now that I’m retired. I’m conversational it Italian and learned it as a child. Any suggestions???

  3. I so love Italians. I LOVE Italians. I so get it. Amazing people. Beautiful people. Wonderful.

  4. As a southern Italian I take great offense to the comment made in this video in regards to Southern Italians being poor. This is a blanket statement. Yes it is true that the economy in southern Italy is not as rich as in Northern Italy, but saying that we are so poor we cannot afford to have you for dinner is far from the truth. I grew up in Sicily,,one of our hallmarks is the tradition of eating together. Food is abundant in Southern Italy regardless of the economy, because we have a very flourishing agriculture. I am sure there are more poor people in Tennessee compared to New York or the northern part of the country, but, would you say that you would feel bad if someone from Tennessee invited you out for dinner?? Are all people in Tennessee equally poor???? You even said at the end, that in Sicily you did not have to do any shopping because food would always be dropped by members.

  5. YES !!!!!!!! I NEVER EVER throw food away !! NEVER EVER ! eat it all do not ask for a doggie bag !

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