Duke Engines

Duke Engines

Find out how technology from Duke Engines increases the efficiency of the internal combustion engine.

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  1. new zealan about 3rd of 4th most capitalist country….odd that new shit comes from there eh?

  2. why is this not taken on by GE? get into REAL TEK motherfucka! software is all ad money accounting scam!! end the scam! charge amazon for post office shit! fairely1 dont tax the net! mas sproduce housing so rent 100 a month for fat apartment! build build build

  3. The dynacam engine seems a lot more practical and supposedly more reliable since it uses poppet valves instead of this oilburning crap
    But since its not seen anywhere from what i know something must have worked bad, but of course it could just be a matter of pattents and stuff

  4. Yeah right it looks much less complex and overengineered; why don’t they stop trying to come up with improved versions of the regular engines (starting with the Wankel engine, even it’s name is fucking lame).

  5. コンパクトなのはメリットだろうけど、動弁系動かす代わりにシリンダーの方を回すのって効率いいんだろうか?レスポンスが致命的に悪そうだ。ピストンとシャフトの接合部も普通のに比べてフリクションが大きいだろうし、全く効率がいいエンジンに思えない。

  6. im about to see some amazing person make a engine which works without fuel and only air

  7. Should design a fifty piston hot or cold gas engine using this configuration to operate water pumps and electrical power generators.

  8. at first read I thought it was nuke engines, then I was like hmmm maybe they are using uranium 235 as fuel.

  9. From what I saw in the animation is that performance issues will arise due to incomplete relese of exaust , incomplete intake of air , unburnt fuel causing the exaust to spit flames , and problems with fuel injection. They are making a plane engine or trying to make pistons do a rotors job. This cool but mess if an engine will do worse than my favorite ,but commonly unreliable, engine the Wankle

  10. No mention of how the cylinders stay sealed to the head as they rotate, much less, as they both wear down.

  11. The compression chamber will not be as self sealing as in a conventional engine (compression pushing against the bottom of the valves) AND combustion will severely pollute the engine lubrication oil. Too many new challenges will keep popping up along the way, i doubt this will ever be a long life/long service interval engine, its like diesel piston engines in small airplanes, it solves non existing problems and at the same time introduce additional service requirements.

    And finally: The day we have technology to make this engine long term reliable we also have the techto make conventional engines even more reliable, the Duke engine still cant compete with its contemporary competitors. I still wish them luck, even if the engine will never really be great they have whats needed to get money from investors in many years to come, the creator and his engineers can make a very decent living for a decade or more.

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