DJ Unkut Demonstrates TRAKTOR Native Scratch Technology | Native Instruments

DJ Unkut Demonstrates TRAKTOR Native Scratch Technology | Native Instruments

In this performance video, 2011 DMC Online Champion Unkut introduces the next step in TRAKTOR SCRATCH performance: Native Scratch Technology.

All scratch products by Native Instruments now contain Native Scratch technology – delivering tight, accurate performance via MK2 timecode for fully authentic vinyl feel.

Unkut employs advanced scratching and drumming techniques using TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 with X1 and MASCHINE controllers, combining the best of turntablism and controllerism. He adds TRAKTOR effects like Flanger and Gater, using the Gater similarly to the classic “transform” scratch.

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37 thoughts on “DJ Unkut Demonstrates TRAKTOR Native Scratch Technology | Native Instruments”

  1. awesome vid…just sick of seeing hip hop the focal pt……miami bass…trance…electro… work it

  2. Sure he’s good, but he always empties the fucking pool.
    Terrible for pool parties.

  3. I wouldn’t listen to this type of music in a million years, but you have to appreciate the “sound architect”. Respect!

  4. His skillz are amazing, just missed the groove, the vibe, the feeling, those sounds are cat killers.

  5. As a Redditor who has achieved 100% completion on DJ Hero 2 on my PC, I can look at this video with more expertise than most. This man’s scratching is sub-par at best. I would love to duel him in DJ Hero 2 and see who the true MC is.

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