Dangerous Biggest Wood Lathe Chainsaw Work – Fastest CNC Technology

Dangerous Biggest Wood Lathe Chainsaw Work – Fastest CNC Technology

Dangerous biggest lathe wood chainsaw work fastest cnc technology. Modern machines wood milling

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37 thoughts on “Dangerous Biggest Wood Lathe Chainsaw Work – Fastest CNC Technology”

  1. Just HOW is a wood lathe and hand held tool make it a CNC? ALSO, I didnt see even one chainsaw.
    Switch and bait, you show a BIG log and switch to a very small log to video.

  2. Not a wast of wood this tree probably been down years or they wouldn’t be turning it !

  3. Why the down votes, this gets funny as shit when the guy breaks out the chainsaw at 8 minutes.

  4. Stupid
    you are what is wrong with YouTube —– incorrect video titles
    nothing dangerous and no CNC

  5. Hey you dicks I’m pretty sure we have plenty of tree’s. This shit is better than plastic that will just fill our oceans.

  6. sure they replant and regrow to bad it so many years to regrow, cut down a huge chunk of forest in 6 months it will grow back in twenty years but not as big as before just like the water we waste on first world bs like lawns and pools. do the math we are going down to third world status soon. nope not a tree huger or environment freak but look around its obvious

  7. Totally amazed at the varying sizes, types, colors, and last but not least the amount of sawdust this Clickbait produced>……………….

  8. Har, har, har. Chain saw artists break all the rules!!! Awesome, albeit dangerous work. And how you ‘split’ your “barrel” like that. Ingenious. I would have wished for a bit more narration. FF is hard to follow in regards to speeds, grit paper used, preferred seal coat varnish, etc. I will never tackle a project as large as this, but I am hell with a dremmel tool. **EYE PROTECTION INCLUDED FOR THE SISSY PEEPS!**

  9. people wearing gloves and shirts with long sleeves while working on big machines with rotating parts…..
    always makes me wanna punch them

  10. Очень стильно , отличная работа. Каким маслом обрабатываете готовые Изделия? (rus)

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