Ancient Drilling Technology – Mahabalipuram, India

Ancient Drilling Technology – Mahabalipuram, India


A few videos back I showed you the ancient drilling technology in Thanjavur with minute holes that were just 3 millimeters wide. Today, we are in Mahabalipuram in India, and I am going to show you some ancient drilling that’s even stranger. How about drilling a giant hole that is 8 feet wide on a granite rock?

As we know Granite is one of the hardest rocks in the world and today we use diamond tipped tools and laser to make drills in it. How could they drill a humongous hole like this 1300 years ago?

With a diameter of 8 feet, you can see how perfect it looks. The circumference is a perfect circle. And the hole is 5 feet deep. Academics think that this was carved with chisels and hammers. Think about this, this drill was done at least 1300 years ago, when the value of PI was not even invented. According to conventional history, People did not use any complex tools. But how can a perfect circle that is 8 feet wide be carved on a rock. If they had to use chisels and hammers, where would you even start the carving?

If it was true, at one point, there must have been a dozen people sitting inside this chiseling away to make it a perfect circle. This would have taken years. Let me show you the walls, and you can see that there are no imperfections at all. It looks so smooth and looks like it is made with a modern machine.

Now, here is a bigger question. Why would they need to create a perfect cylinder out of a rock? If you wanted a well for water, you can dig one with much less manual labor. If you wanted to create a water tank, you can just use pots or metal vessels. Why would you need to create something like this out of a granite rock?

And what is the reason behind making it a perfect circle? I mean even water wells or tanks don’t need this much of effort. Was it used to fit something that was a perfect cylinder? I have asked several people here and nobody knows the reason behind this giant hole drilled out of this rock. I would really appreciate if you can tell me why such a thing would be needed.

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  1. They probably built a machine that reciprocates and put a diamond bit on it and some weight on top and spun it with wind power. They are great mathematicians.

  2. the so called modern civilization think themselves that they are the best and people in the past were the shit! and this is why the evidences of perfection has been left behind to taunt these so call advanced atheistic people.

  3. Yes it is chizzled.if they can chizel beautiful huge sculptures with perfect beautiful structures carved out of a single granite rock….. This is just a piece of cake for them….

  4. ok so you dont need complex tools, 1 a metal rod straight…as long as deep as tyou want your hole, you hammer it down all the way except say an inch, take a piece of string attach to tip of rod….so this is 5 foot across you will need 2.5 feet of string, you bet another rod attach to the other r end of the string, you pull the string till taut and use the tip of the rod to score the ground, you go half way round for going any further will shorten the string and screw your dimentions, and then go in the oposing direction, here you now have a perfect cyrcle…if you were to say repeat the proses grinding this ring like hole all the way down to your foot depth,then you would meerly have to remove the stone in the center…now concidering the length of time this would take as in years, then it would not be obsured to concider thet the other HUMAN(s) that did this would have invested more time thinking and planning it, if i can resolve this in under 5 minuites, then building this the ttemple and so on is not difficult…..also i think people tend to forget theres always another way too look at things…..and all these kind of things are made by other people so that makes the answe obtainable and faster. the classic mistake of this lie with archeologists and linguists…look at hyroglyphs…over a 100 years of cryptographers archeologists ad scientists couldnt work it out…a guy in it did…he took the basic symbol they used for waterand , and said any other cuilture still using this? the answer was …so he asked…and got the answer

  5. we can sand blast granite , so with sand water wind and wood i can make a primitive windmill that in a year without power cut that giant water storage container . sorry it winds up a perfect circle because the windmill goes round and round.

  6. Bro, making a perfect circle only requires a piece of rope, the only mystery is the drilling technique

  7. You fool , hey You…yeah You…you just dnt need d value of “pi” to attatch a thread with a chalk to a fixed point

  8. Why keep saying “perfect circle, perfect circle”??? Clearly it is not perfect… there is a shadow at the left side that is highly irregular. The vertical gouge lines indicate that a small tool was used that was attached to a central pivot. You call it a cylinder; neither is it that. And; if you found this site so utterly amazing, could you not at least have cleaned the trash out of it before shooting the video??? And; as for the people of this village; could they not keep it clean and have some pride in the site, if it is such an amazing ancient wonder?

  9. I agree with William Ashley… A Millstone could have been extracted… And/or.. The tank could have been subsequently used for electroplating large ornate objects. Requires a very small voltage to do…. And it seems proven that ancient people had use of electricity to some degree.

  10. The place you visited is Mahabalipuram and in one of your videos you shown that the there is a place (temple of lord ganesha) and having a inscription of rocket so I think it might be used to fit the rocket like structure and I think it will be again more clear if the water from that big circle.

  11. This video is a shame, well not the video more of the plastic bottles floating in this ancient artifact.

  12. Please if you know how deep is this hole (well) pit or pond…… or do it link up with a underground river ……. or must someone take one of that humanoids and throw it in ….. before we get the idea

  13. maybe not so much focus on what’s there but more on what’s not there, the plug that was cut out of this stone was used for something. Find it.

  14. They attracted women with their skills. Same as today. Why have a Rolls Royce when a moped will do the trick?

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