Amazing And Powerful Machines – Modern Technology

Amazing And Powerful Machines – Modern Technology

The video presents a variety of machines for the performance of their assigned work. Large trucks, road vehicles, SUVs and others ..
Among them there is both modern technology and time-proved ..

1. Can t Change His Mind
2. Cartoon Hoedown
3. Champ
4. Festival
5. Engine Fire
6. Fiend
7. Fig Leaf Times Two

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19 thoughts on “Amazing And Powerful Machines – Modern Technology”

  1. Some examples are things that a machine was MADE to perform(haul trucks transport cargo) or having to improvise(putting a ferry down on the water), and some are the purest showcase of imbecils doing stuff(tractor “plowing” a road). I did NOT need to see such dumb things.

  2. Łał ale też kurwa niesamowite maszyny o kurwa no magia tego nie ogarniesz WSZYSTKO DO DUPU

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