A Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of No Man’s Sky’s Technology

A Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of No Man’s Sky’s Technology

The founder of Hello Games Sean Murray walks viewers through the tools behind No Man’s Sky and talks about how they used procedural generation to create an entire galaxy.

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  1. what the fuck happened to this version of the game? even the gameplay from e3 2015 is better than what we got. idk how ya fail that hard.

  2. Man… I hope the game reaches those levels of complexity again, space here looks truly amazing, planets close with asteroids fields and ”fog” with planet rotating and having real dense clouds… The terrain itself being so different from what we’ve seen… with a cloud rendering system and graphics that look so much better… One day, No Man’s Sky will reach the potential it set out for, im sure it will. 🙂 Updates so far are amazing, and graphics are looking amazing!

  3. LMAO at the ppl who says “take my money”
    how do you feel now guys hahah
    I was smart enough not buy it or even hype

  4. This game could be good

    but the chances of encountering that are tiny…

  5. It was unrealistic expecting the team to deliver on all this on time with their size. And it was bad for them to create too much expectations… but as of now they are putting incredible work and the updates are truly amazing. No Man’s sky is one of my favourite games and is still the closest thing to my dream of venturing in space. I wish them the best and I know one day this will be an incredible experience that surpasses prerelease hype.

    PS: The game has never looked better, seriously, new graphics and photo mode are just jaw dropping.

  6. Get over yourselves people.. Sean Murray clearly WANTED to deliver on his promises.
    Do you morons not realise it was SONY that rushed this game out the door?
    The 1.2 update is a lot closer to the game that was promised than the one that was released.
    A small indie team made a game where you can explore an entire universe of 18 quintillion planets.. That’s a HUGE task.
    You got problems with it? Then let me see YOU make a game with 18 quintillion explorable planets. It still blows my mind this game even exists, and I refuse to blame Sean Murray for trying to create the game, that himself, and many others have been dreaming about for years.

  7. Just bought this game new for $25 on Amazon Prime… about 10 hours in, and it’s more fun and addictive than I expected based on reviews. With the free DLC and price drop, it was well worth my money. The landscapes are often breathtaking. If Murray and Hello Games get another crack at a procedural game, hopefully they’ll devote more resources to making compelling characters and creatures and more varied gameplay, but it’s enjoyable as it is. 8/10 for me at current price point.

  8. Looks good, does anyone know when this game will fully release?

  9. ahh all these people who preorder are severely disappointmed, it makes me smile

  10. Will Jeff Cork make book about No Man’s Sky Building Home Bases , Cars, and Freighters rooms.

  11. Yes, indeed no man’s sky, oh how it would fly!
    But rather I let out a hefty sigh
    No Man’s sky is dead
    With Breath of the Wild in its stead
    Sean Murray a great disgrace!
    Rubbing his money in our face!


  12. There’s so much less pop in than in the actual game what the fuck?
    You can clearly see a planet’s features from space!
    And that asteroid draw distance is fucking sick
    I really hope the summer update is gonna bring this back

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