7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have!

7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have!

7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have in 2017!
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EVO : The Ultimate Companion for your smartphone:
Shock the Drought with EvaDrop Smart Shower:
EmoFix: The Selfie Lover’s Best Friend:
AMPL:The World’s Smartest Backpack:
BlueCarbon: Bluetooth cellphone calls recorder:
B.One Home Automation Hub:
The Defender: Smart Personal Protection:

Please watch: “Future Technology 2050, Robotics BionicANTs”


30 thoughts on “7 New Technology Gadgets You Must Have!”

  1. I knew my keys were there I’m just so lazy I needed to check my and then lift the pillows

  2. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. lol, a turn your volume up hmmmmm aren’t those apple earbuds? I’m pretty sure they have a volume up and down button on the cable and you don’t have to have a bulky machine for that

  4. while traveling you can charge your phone directly out of the wall.. But what if you travel to the EU there different outlits

  5. I can’t buy the backpack one, in my country if I walked into a mall with that thing and it’s seen by security then they will think it’s a bomb or something and that will be the end of me

  6. Are these mu fuckas really trying to sell a remote for a MOBILE phone? Holy shit.

  7. At 13:26, he accidentally says “Blue Water” and they manually put in “Blue Carbon”. Does that qualify as a “blooper”? LOL!

  8. The Bluecarbon add is hilarious
    He couldn´t get a cat :C
    Oh wait he bought a cat for him C:
    Nice Underwear.

  9. its time to stop technology is gonna get outta hand just stop there gonna make robots then terminator becomes real and make the end of the world jk i lik it a little

  10. wow the EVO charges my battery and phone that is so great… wait a second

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