200,000 Year Old Ancient Technology That Indicates The History Books Are Wrong

200,000 Year Old Ancient Technology That Indicates The History Books Are Wrong

It looks like history textbooks may soon be rewritten. Most of the circular, glyph-pattern stone structures were in the past assumed to be tribal ruins from past African communities. But the fused-quartz, stone constructs mark a grid of ancient roads, possible agricultural terraces and most importantly: thousands of gold mines–to indicate some ancient industiral mining community with possible advanced sound technology for levitating heavy stones and gold.

The “stone settlements” cover most of southern Africa, west of the port of Maputo, in a remote region 150 miles inland, a sprawl of archaeological remnants of an ancient city cover a possible 1500 square miles. Rogue scientists and archaeologists checking the area estimate that this is part of an even bigger grid of 10,000 square miles that may have been fluorishing 160,000 to 200,000 BCE. Local farmers had assumed all of these stone glyph patterns were made by indigenous African peoples from the past and never bothered to check their archaeological significance.

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  1. In my research of cuniform translations accuracy, I bumped into the following,

    Yiğit Oktar, studied at University of Chicago
    Mar 2, 2016
    I personally think that Sumerian translations are in question. As far as I know, they depend on cross-translations with Akkadian. It is in question whether Akkadians were fully capable of interpreting Sumerian language.
    The Sumerian language was far more powerful than Akkadian, which was not cuneiform. Thus, any translation existing now is actually a crude interpretation, away from a dependable translation.

    Yet another cuneiform based language is of Hittites, which is in far more of a mystery than Sumerian. Again as far as I know cuneiform based languages we know tend to be agglutinative languages. Therefore, someone with information agglutinative (at least knowing one language strictly agglutinative) will have more advantage translating a cuneiform language. I think, someone knowing only the western languages or even an automated approach based only on western rules, will fail.

  2. do NOT forget about the stories of how they described ancient places being built. like the one far down s. america, they say the stones floated in place. its nearly underwater now. same for the Heads on Easter Island.

  3. Science is a fact. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be transferred. What you are saying is a heap of maybes and could be and happy time theory. time to think me an ice cream cone full of vanilla ice cream.

  4. I believe that this 375 GHz frequency is also picked up by astronomers in space. As above so below. Silica above, silica below????

  5. After the ice cream feeding maybe we can get all them fat bitches to jump up and down in global unison and knock the world out of its regular orbit and move it into a new one. Just think, maybe we wont need a rocket to go to mars. Come on guys! Get the hefty-hog off the couch and into the cream store 🙂

  6. There is a YouTube video of one man moving a garage structure by himself……….center of gravity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not lost technology, it’s physics!

  7. This is why God said we are not to trust in man, God said to trust in Him only. Jesus said the wolves/nephilim/evil spirits were taking over. They were doing so in His day. Over 2000 years ago. The key was to NOT trust in man but rather trust in God. God proved Himself over and over again, and still we would not trust in God so God sent His only begotten son to give us a way back to God.
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    The book of Enoch tells it all.

  8. If there was a civilisation, CLIMATE CHANGE changed them as so many ancient civilisations, in what is now Pakistan, 7000 years ago, the Mayans and, similar 1-2 thousand years ago in south America. All happened way *before* the evil industrial revolution that climate zealots are so fond of deriding.

  9. So humanity was created to be a slave species of gold miners? And we are in rebellion to our creators unless we give them our lives, our labor, and our gold. So what are we waiting for?

  10. Well… the mysterious channels seem to go to the river. Water erodes. Maybe they were irrigation channels and the structures that contained the water have all been destroyed only leaving behind the water erosion paths.

  11. i don’t care if they have undreamt of technology and are capable of interstellar travel, the laws of physics STILL APPLY. even if you limit the discussion to our solar system, why would anyone want to haul gold out of a deep planetary gravity well when they could find just as much if not more gold in the asteroid belt, where the effort of recovering it and removing it would be FAR LESS, regardless of the technology available?

  12. Fascinating! I know this is true as I use crystals all the time for healing and energy work. I channel the energy and use sound too.

  13. History CHANGES — it always has and always will, the broader our science fields expand. But also, people are humans, prone to being opinionated, and there are as many theories out there as there are humans! Right and/or wrong!

  14. QUSTION!!!!!!!! You were talking about sound and vibrations used to move stone and a magnitron shape. Could they in theory use that to vibrate certain minerals or metals to heat them and draw them out of the earth like liquid to mine them and whats left is the tailings like our mineing equipment. whitch if so if certain things can be vibrated and mined like this would flow like rivers then leaving the road like or aquaduct like trails could all be explained in theory.

  15. The Temples and the obelisque look like a Big circuit board or a motherboard don’t you Think?

  16. this is such a crock of shit. how does a rock ring like a bell if that was true why doesn’t he make it ring like a bell.? why does he make up all this stuff but he doesn’t show us a single bit of proof. I think he’s only paid to talk. he’s a talker watch out for him.

  17. So the ancients were using an energy source so common that they did not bother writing about it?

  18. Initially interesting; after some 15-minutes, he drifts off into his own interpretive total fantasy. Gibberish and fantasy => Bullshit. Not even worth critical commentary.

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